Thursday, November 8, 2018

My Easy Diapering System On-the-Go!

Now that Clara is 8.5 months old, changing her diaper is one of the biggest challenges of my day. She rolls, kicks, yells, cries, and reaches for everything around her (including, but not limited to, my hair). Changing her diaper when we are out and about is a WHOLE OTHER BEAST. 

There is only so much I can do to distract her while I wrestle a new diaper around her shockingly-strong legs. It’s a battle of wills and I hate it. Especially when it came to using public changing tables. There has been more than one instance of Clara almost rolling off the table after power-kicking my stomach. I resorted to changing her in the car – with little improvement. The back seat of my car is lightly inclined, which only encourages her to roll away from me. 

Recently, a company called Littlegem4U contacted me about trying out their diaper caddy. They sent me this adorable caddy with a ton of organization space. I mean, who couldn’t use a little more organization in their lives? I know I can!  The three different compartments allow me to store my cloth diapers as well as some wipes, a changing pad, our handy rash balm, and a few other goodies I like to have on hand: extra swim diaper, receiving blanket from the hospital, rattle toy, and of course extra cutie clips, CutiePAT, and teether toy from Ryan & Rose

Keeping this in my car has made diaper changing on-the-go so much easier. I no longer have to hold Clara down with one hand while searching through the diaper bag for what I need. Everything is right in arms reach and it makes the process so much faster.  

I am so thankful this company allowed me to try this caddy, I don’t own anything else like it and it has truly made me life easier. This perfect product can be found right on amazon, and it’s on Prime! 

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