Wednesday, March 20, 2019

We’re Expecting!

I’ve been a little quiet lately… and it’s because we have been keeping a secret! Our little family is so excited to announce we will be welcoming a baby boy this September!!

This came as a shock to all of us. Mike and I didn’t have any plans of having another baby for at least another year, but as well know, most things in life never goes to plan. Here’s how we found out…

I woke up one morning and started our routine as usual, getting Clara out of bed and start breakfast. I made scrambled eggs for her and myself but just wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t think anything of it and made something else. We continue our day and start running errands, one of which included a stop at a local meat market. Y’ALL! I couldn’t do it, the smell was killing me and I had to walk out before we even bought anything. We left and I sat in the backseat of the car with Clara so she would stop freaking out about being alone. Mike could tell I wasn’t feeling well while sitting in the back and jokingly asked me if I was pregnant. I laughed and said “absolutely not, I have apps tracking that stuff for me.” Like I hadn’t even missed my period yet, there was just no way. I was probably having an off day and that was it. 

After the meat market we stop at my mother-in-law’s house so Mike can grab a quick bite to eat. He started making a tuna sandwich and I immediately almost threw up. Ok, now I’m starting to get suspicious. I text my best friend telling her “I think I need to take a pregnancy test and I’m freaking out.” Of course, she’s all excited and I’m crippled with fear because like WHAT IF I REALLY AM PREGANT?!?! 


We still had one more stop to make before we could go home and find out for sure. The whole time we were at the store we were going over everything in our heads because neither one of us are ready for another baby if this is really happening. Eventually we just decide to stop talking about it and enjoy our day until we can get home and take a test. 

So we finally get home and I head straight to the bathroom to take a test. Moment of truth…its negative…or so I think…

Y’ALL!!!! MY DUMBASS THOUGHT IT WAS A RAPID PREGNANCY TEST. Like the ones that will give you a result right away? Yeah, no. It was a regular one.  I throw it away and walk out, telling 
Mike it’s negative, I’m not pregnant, etc. We agreed that I would take another test in the morning using the digital test we had left “just to be sure.” 

Around 10 o’clock that night, I got up to me and decided “screw it, I’ll just take the test now and put my mind at ease. I took the test and brought it upstairs with me so Mike and I could look at the results together (we did this when we found out about Clara too). We wait for what seems like forever and then it said it, “Yes +.” 

WHAT!? Holy crap we really are pregnant!! If I’m being completely honest, we weren’t exactly “happy” at first, just shocked. It was a lot to take in and a lot to prepare for. Two kids under two years old is a handful! I immediately sent a picture of the positive test to my best friend, along with many shocked-faced emojis. She congratulated and reassured me that this is a blessing and it will all be alright.  

She was right, of course. As the shock wore off, excitement set in. Another sweet little baby to add to our family! I saw my OB about three days later started setting up my prenatal care. It was a rocky first trimester, I was 1000x sicker with this little guy than I was with Clara. Having to chase around an almost one-year-old while constantly having to run to the bathroom to throw up was not easy to say the least. 

Around 11 weeks, we found out we are expecting a baby boy after taking the Sneak Peak test at home. I always hoped after having a girl I would have a boy. One of each just seems like the sweetest! Of course, I would have been perfectly happy with another girl, every child is a blessing. BUT I can’t help but feel so excited and happy with finding out it’s a boy.  

I’m so excited to start sharing bumpdates, nursery décor, and all-things baby related with you all!

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