Sunday, August 19, 2018

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi! My name is Alanna Waterhouse and I would like to welcome you to my first blog post. I am 24 years old, living in the Rochester, New York area with my husband, Michael, and my beautiful daughter, Clara. I am currently a full-time EMT in a suburban EMS agency and my husband is a Paramedic with another agency in the area. 

We currently have four pet parrots: two Blue Front Amazon Parrots, Patch & Hook, a Yellow Napped Amazon Parrot, Peter, and a Parrotlet, Zazu. We are looking forward to welcoming a dog to our family sometime within the next few years. 
Peter (and Mike)

My baby, Zazu (he's camera shy)

Some of my passions in life include taking care of my family, continuing my education in EMS and medicine, hiking, camping, fitness, and FOOD! I also enjoy getting the opportunity to try new products (for my daughter and for myself), and forming short reviews on them and sharing that experience with my friends and family. 

I am hoping to use this blog as a way to shed some light on my everyday life and some of the products I use. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing! 

- The Upstate Blonde 


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