Monday, April 29, 2019

20 Week Bumpdate

Here we are, half-way through! This pregnancy is flying and I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly had time to stop and enjoy it. I started feeling consistent kicks a few weeks ago and now Baby Boy loves jumping up and down on my bladder, forcing me to have to pee every 10 minutes. He's currently the size of a banana, and now practice eating and begin tasting molecules of food with his new tastebuds! The insomnia seems to have subsided for now, but the itchy skin is real! If you have any suggestions for a natural lotion or body butter to help relieve it, drop them in the comments below ⤵

This week we have our last sonogram – anatomy scan & confirming baby is indeed a little boy. Then we officially switch over to our midwife service and start preparing for a homebirth! I think I am most excited about this part of the journey. As necessary as my hospital birth was, I wasn’t a huge fan of the experience. Everything felt very rush and I was made to feel like I had to give birth on someone else’s schedule. 

With a homebirth, I can wear what I want, eat what I want, move wherever and however I want. I will be in complete control of how I handle my labor and how I chose to deliver. For me, it provides huge relief and takes a lot of stress off my shoulders. Of course, I am completely open to transferring to the hospital at the first sign of something amiss. We are blessed to live five minutes away from the hospital where I have birth to Clara.

In my last post I promised I would start giving updates on the nursey…well here it is. We haven’t even begun to tackle that project. The birds are still living in the bedroom and we have to do some major spring cleaning and reorganizing before we can move then to another room and start making the bedroom perfect for the baby. We have crap sitting in boxes from the time we moved into our apartment over four years ago. If it’s in decent shape, it’s getting donated, if it’s complete garbage, that’s where it’s going. The amount of stuff two adults can collect together in just a few years is ridiculous! 

Now that we only have 20(ish) weeks left, I’m feeling alllll the nesting instinct start to kick in. The desire to clean everything and prepare for baby has given both Mike and I the motivation we need to make it happen. I will post a billion before & after pictures along the way. Get ready for a major WaterHOUSE renovation! 

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